The Art of Free Fall

Why are human beings so resistant to change? It’s part of life. Change is really the only thing you can count on during your time on Earth. Everything changes.

It’s 2013, And They’re Still Burning Witches

One of many such stories. The photograph accompanying this article was taken in 2013. Or 2012 at the earliest. This is not ancient history. What follows are excerpts from an article at The Global Mail about Papua New Guinea, where belief in black magic persists and women are blamed, accused of sorcery and branded as… Continue reading It’s 2013, And They’re Still Burning Witches

Back In The Saddle

We’re back in the saddle and riding high again. Well, we’re getting ready to, anyway. As is usually the case, the moment we began to prepare for a revamp of the web site and a generally re-purposing of all things PaganCentric, our beloved web server started showing signs of early dementia. Before long it was… Continue reading Back In The Saddle

Blessed Imbolc!

Here we are at another Imbolc, watching the world as it begins to be renewed. It is now the holiday of Imbolc and at this time many turn to thoughts of the Maiden Goddess, Brid. It is a time to celebrate the increasing light, the return of the precious sun. Let us each take a… Continue reading Blessed Imbolc!

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