Christine O’Donnell Ad – “I’m Not A Witch”

Chrstine O’Donnell’s recent ad has raised some hackles. I don’t imagine she’ll understand why. In the true spirit of Tea Party nutjobs, she’ll assume that anyone who takes exception to the loopy things she says are just “haters”.

I’ll leave it up to you to decide if this ad should offend anyone, but I can’t help thinking about how much of an uproar there would be if she had put out an ad in which she declared “I’m not a Jew” or “I am not a Hindu” – as if the mere suggestion was offensive to most Americans.

I also wonder if the logic the Tea Party applies to President Obama holds here. When he says he’s not a Socialist, it only proves to them that he is. So can we assume that if Christine O’Donnell says “I’m not a witch” that she really is? And how do bona fide witches feel about being singled out like this?

Goddess, I miss reality based politics.

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12 years ago

Name calling Tea Party people ” NUT JOBS” is very discriminatory and rude and just further incites hatred and division. I will vote for Libetarians and tea party advocates because I favor small government . Calling me a nut job when you don’t even know me is hurtful. So what if she flip flops on her beliefs , as someone who believes in the separation of Church & State, I don’t care who she worships or not. I am a pagan and I’m gay. I vote conservative, I’m also friends with women in the military . And trust me if I was to live in certain Middle Eastern countries, withcraft would be the least of my problems. Being a lesbian is a death sentence there. I see all sides, and whether I disagree or not , I refuse to lower myself and resort to name calling. It makes me a Pagan very proud to be the mature one in the group. Harm None also includes not abusing others verbally.

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