The Lore of Friday the 13th

It’s kind of funny that we here at PaganCentric have a habit of posting things that interest us in any given moment, but which are quickly  forgotten, only to discover at some point that they’ve taken on a life of their own somewhere along the way. Such has happened with Claire’s nearly 3 year old post about the Lore of Friday the 13th from 2009.

Anyway, given the unexpected popularity of the post, we thought we would link the post up on the PaganCentric front page and feature it. If you’re interested in some of the Lore surrounding Friday the 13th and how it came to be considered unlucky, that old post is not a bad place to start. And if you’re wondering if you’re going to make it through the day without getting into all sorts of mischief, well… sometimes you just have to roll with things.

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Brigid Lunacy
Brigid Lunacy
7 years ago

I’m not trying to call anyone a liar..however, I’d love references..

Be Happy and Drink ..and CALL A RIDE


6 years ago

Interesting article and yes, the Americans are the only ones not to have a thirteenth floor in a building.